IIIT Allahabad's Open Panel Discussion
IIIT Allahabad's Open Panel Discussion

What is Confab?

Ideas matter. Opinions matter. Knowledge matters. Confab, the signature Open Panel Talk of Aparoksha brings the intellectual and influential lot on a single platfom and that is Confab. A uniquely styled and themed event features personalities from various domains of life to get your gray cells back on work. Highly informative sessions with our speakers surely leaves you more enlightened and a bit more knowledgeable.


Dr. Awdhesh Singh

Dr. Awadesh Singh is an author, educator, speaker and a Top Quora writer in the world. He holds his B.Tech. from IIT-BHU Varansi. He holds his M.Tech from IIT Delhi . He has also done his Ph.D. from ABV-IIITM Gwalior. He is the director of Awdhesh Academy, an E-Learning platform to provide online teaching. Here's the link to his Quora profile, do check it out: here

Babar Ali

Babar Ali was called the "Youngest Headmaster in the world" by BBC in October, 2009, at the age of 16. Ali is an indian student and teacher from Murshidabad, West Beangal. The school that he runs is an outdoor school and count a total of 10 teachers- all of them students at nearby schools or colleges who volunteer to teach. To know more about his initiative 'Anand Shiksha Niketan' follow: this

Adhitya Iyer

Adhitya Iyer completed his engineering degree from Mumbai University. He was listed as India's Top 30 student enterpreneurs by NEN. He later spent two years in Banglore selling chai before he set out to write a non-fixtious on complex life of indian engineers is kickstarter funded and is india's highest crowdfunded book.

Vinay Menon

Mr. Vinay Menon is an IT professional- turned- comedian, and a professor . He is also a TEDx speaker and his talk at TEDx went viral due to the humorous take on the myths of the Indian Education System. From performing at Cafes, auditoriums, corporate events to stand-up comedy, he has done it all.